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Let’s Play! Teaching Parents How

Learn how to safely introduce technology to your child So that you can say goodbye to uncertainty and parental guilt

My techniques, all based on my doctoral research, to creating the best play experiences for your child so that playtime is fun and beneficial

Discover your child’s favorite new activity, with things you already have around the house so that you never feel the need to rush out and buy the latest gadget again

Parents in mOTion: Navigating Bathtime

Parenting is hard. Just when you think you have things figured out, BAM! you’re hit with a new developmental milestone, growth spurt, or sleep regression and feel as though you need to start all over again. One such stage where this can occur is during the transition from the baby tub to the big bathtub. Children may feel overwhelmed by this change, resulting in their expressing fear during bathtime. The purpose behind this book is to take a deep dive into this matter, discussing the possible reasons behind your child's fear and what can be done to resolve it. I will share, step-by-step, the exact method I use when working with families to ease their child’s bathtime fears.


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